About Us

  Make an order from your favorite restaurants/cafes available at your fingertips and get it right to your doorsteps.
   If you are looking for fast and premium food delivery with great service and lower than average delivery fees - Blink is what you need.
   Blink is known for easy and fast functionality. App has variety of cuisines and full with the greatest food experiences in the city. 
    Craving for  pizza, a classic burger, super fresh sushi or national cuisine? We know the best food for every cuisine that our city has to offer. Take the first bite and download the app!!!
    Like all sophisticated apps Blink offers amazing features based on strategy, design and development as per your need and is like a cakewalk to manage. The app is very easy to use and it can be operated seamlessly.
     Some of the unique features of Blink Express:
1. View shop, restaurant and cafe list based on location
2. Track your order in real-time
3. Preorder your food at any convenient time you want
4. Inquire and make reservations at restaurants
5. Customize your order
6. Navigate through sitemap
  Hungry? - Order now from your favorite restaurant/cafe
  Explore - take a look at our variety of food items and menus
  Choose - by filtering by brands, categories, promotion and more
  Pay easily - using any type of payment methods, COD or Online Payment
  Enjoy your food - get the best service and enjoy your food.